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Backyard Brunch Sessions present Brunch After Dark!

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Hey there,

I know that I’ve dropped the ball on writing in this blog – that’s because I’ve been too busy making videos!

Anyway, I decided to return to this blog so I can write about a project that’s pretty close to the chest for me.

On November 8th, we’ll be sponsoring Brunch After Dark at Brooklyn Bowl!
We have 5 bands that were part of the series in some way booked to play. Check it out on FB!

If you’re wondering what that event is, here’s a little background for you…

Since June, I’ve been working on a web series called Backyard Brunch Sessions. The idea was thought up by a friend named David Chaitt. Dave comes from a fairly extensive background in the music industry. He has worked as a tour manager, a booker, an A&R, and most recently – as a marketing consultant and social media guru. When he first moved from Philly to Greenpoint, BK, he had started a weekly pizza night. These pizza nights were invite-only get-togethers for his industry friends in which he’d make homemade gourmet pizza. At a certain point, he decided to have bands join the evening and play unplugged sets. When his lease expired, Dave moved from his place in Greenpoint to a new place in Williamsburg. The new place had a beautiful backyard furnished with 3 gazebo’s, plentiful grapevine’s, and enough space for 20-30 people. Soon after, a light bulb went off. Dave came to me with this idea in late May or early June. He told me about the get-togethers and how great it was working out with bands playing as he made fresh gourmet pizza for the industry invitees.

The concept immediately caught my interest.

We decided to start filming the get-togethers twice a month. He booked The Spinning Leaves to open for Nicole Atkins in his backyard and discussed a dish that Nicole might want to help him create before the show. They decided on Artichoke Francaise and on June 19, 2010, we shot the first episode of the series.

The series was still very much a work in progress but the idea was great and the talent was certainly present. The pieces were starting to fall into place:
-NYC Taper signed on to help out in a big way by capturing all of the audio for each session. (All of that audio sounds great BTW and is available for FREE download on his website).
-Hannah Lavon provided us with a beautiful logo that has become a huge part of the series. Hannah, BTW, had a launch party at NYC’s Sullivan Hall last night for her new start-up, AudioMole. (Check it out. Pretty cool concept.)

Since that first episode, the format of the show has evolved quite a bit. Jon Sheldrick of Fatty Acid, the gent who is responsible for the introduction between Dave and I, contributed a theme song for the show to which I cut a little intro sequence that, we hope, encapsulates the vibe of the series. We’ve also introduced some new graphics for added production value.

Episodes 1-4 are online on the series’ youtube channel. Please check them out and give us some feedback!

Below, I’ve embedded the most recently posted episode featuring Brit & The Cavalry with Matuto as the opener.

Episodes 5-8 will be coming soon. I’m actually taking a quick break from editing Episode 5 to write this.

Anyway… the last thing I’ve got to say – come to Brunch After Dark! It will be a blast. Brooklyn Bowl is one of my favorite venues in NYC right now and there will be live performances by Oh Land, The Canon Logic, Fatty Acid, The Courtesy Tier, & Arms! 5 bands for 5 bucks! Hope to see you all there!
(Here’s the FB event once more so you can invite your friends!)

If you read this and tell one other person about it, I will be extremely grateful.

Thanks for the love!